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Gas Explosion trial.
Luis Romero will be defending one of the experts facing charges for a gas explosion which took place in Fuenlabrada in 1995. The trial is due to commence on the 1st of February 2010, and it is estimated that the giving of evidence will require more than five sessions.
January 2010
Lecture in the Auditorium of the Pablo de Olavide University.
Luis Romero has been invited to give a lecture titled “¿Qué es ser abogado?” (What does it mean to be a laywer?) for some two hundred students.
December 2009
Throughout 2009 a number of law firms including Écija Abogados, Díaz-Bastién & Truán Abogados, Ceca-Magán Abogados, as well as lawyers Gustavo López-Muñoz Larraz and Luz Almeida, Supreme Court Magistrates, and members of the Spanish Bar Association recommended Luis Romero y Asociados to act as defence lawyers for various criminal cases in Madrid.
December 2009
Luis Romero

Welcome to the website of Luis Romero y Asociados criminal and family lawyers. Our lawyers and consultants are always on hand to defend you anywhere in Spain or abroad.

Over the past 19 years our legal staff have worked on a number of high profile cases including the Troika Operation, the Ibiza Case, the Juan Asensio Case, the Biblión Operation, the Kidnapping of Rafael Ávila, the Buenaventura Crime, the Sicario de Alcalá case, the Marroncito Operation, and the Rota Fire Case, amongst others.

Our law firm has been recommended by lawyers, law firms, judges, Supreme Court magistrates, members of the Spanish Bar Association, university professors, journalists, policemen, embassies, senators and mayors. We also provide legal advice to the Spanish National TV (TV1) as well as other national and regional television companies in Spain.

The experience and specialisation of Luis Romero y Asociados offers greater security for our clients.

Luis Romero
Luis Romero Santos

Teacher of Procedural Criminal Law

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